Customer Applications

conference icon Conferences and Trade Shows

We supply a range of phone and device charging options on a short-term rental basis for Conferences, Trade Shows and Exhibitions. Whether you want a single charging table or a full Chill & Charge Zone with multiple kiosks and furniture, we have the solution for you. Our team will collaborate with you to identify your charging and custom branding needs. We will then deliver and install quality-tested, fully functional equipment on time, with technical support on-hand in the event of any concerns.

brand icon Brand Activation

How can you understand the exposure of your or your client's brand to potential customers at a given location and measure its effectiveness? Keeping your customers charged and connected via Chill & Charge's range of brandable phone chargers whilst, via our monitoring solution, evaluating the footfall of unique visitors, as well as their average dwell time, enables you not only to re-enforce your brand identity and messaging but, a recent study has shown, also doubles your brand exposure.

self service charger dispenser

Chill & Charge Zones

Choose from a selection of our wide range of charging equipment to create a stylish charging zone. Packages are available that include rental, branding, delivery and installation at special prices.

white mobile device charging table

Tables & Barrels

High quality vinyl wrap used for table-tops with additional circumference/rim wrap for poseur tables/charging benches.

secure charging locker

Branded Lockers

High quality back panel vinyl branding (where required), custom programming of screen display & lockers, video and slide carousel including customer surveys.

portable mobile device chargers

Branded Portables

Our portable devices, including Wallet Chargers and CharLi Chargers can be customised with perfectly fitting vinyl applications.

festival icon Festival or Outdoor Event

The provision of phone charging services is a must at any Festival or Outdoor event. Whether with our famous battery-powered Charging Barrels or our charger dispensing solution which can handle the rental of thousands of pocket chargers, Chill & Charge is the outdoor charging partner of choice for event organisers throughout the UK and Europe. However remote the location, we are able to provide custom branded phone charging solutions on a short or long-term rental basis.

long term icon Long Term Installation

For certain venues, for example Shopping Centres, Gyms, Airports, having secure, reliable phone charging facilities is now a 'must have' both for visitors as well as venue owners. Venue partners can attract customers and receive indirect value (getting credit for meeting a customer need), and earn different forms of direct revenue (recharging, advertising and interactivity). Chill & Charge's products and services enhance existing venue value propositions by attracting, engaging, satisfying and retaining customers.

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