Charging Zones

Indoor Charging Zones

Chill & Charge is at the top of the list for any exhibition organisers wanting to set up charging zones at their events. With Europe’s best selection of charging kiosks, lockers, tables and barrels, Chill & Charge has the expertise and experience to provide a popular and memorable charging zone.

Chill & Charge works with organisers and sponsors to ensure maximum branding exposure and customer satisfaction.

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Outdoor Charging Zones

If you are running a summer event, or an outdoor one at any time of year, we can advise on how best to provide branded phone charging in a safe and sustainable way.  Choose from a selection of charging kiosks, barrels, shelves, and many other innovative devices.

As well as many battery-powered solutions, we can also provide phone charging that is solar powered, providing brands with real reasons to want to sponsor a Chill & Charge Zone!

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Event ROI

We provide a Monitoring Solution which can evaluate the footfall of visitors to a location/stand, including their average dwell time, peak dwell times and conversion rates.   

Positioning devices across the floor plate will aid event organisers to look at the overall effectiveness of the event layout and improve ROI of a stand or zone efficacy. The network of sensors will aid understanding of consumer behaviour around an entire area or fan zone. 

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